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We End Gun Violence


June 2024 • Seattle, WA



The Together We End Gun Violence conference series aims to strengthen grassroots to grass-top efforts to ensure a collective impact through a public health approach and build the foundation for our communities to be safe and thriving.

Bringing together a broad audience, our annual convenings raise awareness of issues related to gun violence, sparking meaningful connections, forming impactful calls to action, assisting our community in building community capacity and identifying sustainable responses to the gun violence epidemic.

Violence is concentrated in communities with higher poverty rates, lower incomes, health disparities, greater eviction rates, and fewer economic opportunities for residents. Gun violence includes suicide, domestic violence,community-based violence, and police-involved shootings. Gun violence in our neighborhoods, cities, counties, and states results in trauma and compromised public health and safety.

Community leaders, government agencies, and officials cannot solve this problem alone. To succeed, we must work together and take an inclusive, comprehensive, and collaborative regional and state-wide approach to addressing gun violence as a public health issue.

We believe we must share power with those closest to the issue and move together as one from the grassroots to the grass-tops to identify and implement lasting solutions.

We believe gun violence must be addressed through a robust public health approach that centers on community-led solutions, enlists multi-sector supports, ensures broad investments, and garners lasting commitment.

We believe we must commit to creating bridges to access resources and long-term investments for the sustainability of gun violence reduction strategies. We must take steps to understand and address the root causes of gun violence.

We believe we must elevate the awareness of gun violence issues and create spaces for healing for all impacted by trauma- both generational and recent, for survivors, for people involved in the criminal legal system, and for families and community members.

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Amber Goodwin

Founder and Interim Executive Director, Community Justice Action Fund

Dr. Chico Tillmon

University of Chicago, Community Violence Intervention (CVI) Leadership Academy

Anthony Smith

Myesha ​Watkins, ​MSW

Cleveland ​Peacemakers Alliance

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